Greenslade Men’s Triples – UPDATE

Greenslade Men’s Triples

Good news! The Greenslade Men’s Triples trophy has been brought out of mothballs and will once again be competed for by teams from Bowls South Island (BSI) clubs.

The trophy was donated by Lewis William Greenslade, one of the five founding members of our club. It was last competed for in 2010 after which the tournament was discontinued. Reasons for its demise vary but the consensus at the time was that as an evening tournament over three nights in mid May, it was just a little too chilly to be considered worth entering. This perhaps explains the less than happy expression on the faces of the last Oak Bay team to win the Greenslade in 2006.

(L to R) Harnam Grewal, John Cossom, Eric Ballinger

With a new daytime format, the Greenslade will now be held on the weekend of 17 & 18 August. While space for names of winners on the trophy filled up in 2005, winning teams will continue to be recognized by having their names inscribed on a Greenslade plaque which like the trophy will be on display in Carnarvon House.

Oak Bay looks forward to once again hosting our BSI friends for a re-introduced Greenslade Men’s Triples!

Updated 31 January, 2019

Club records have now come to light which reveal the last Oak Bay team to win the Greenslade before it was discontinued was the team of Al Neumair, Vern McBeth and Michael Lum in 2008. Both the trophy and plaque are in the process of being brought up-to-date following the discovery of a number of discrepancies.

Winners from 2005 to 2010 are as follows:

Rick Armstrong
Ron Leslie
Ivo Van Bastelaere

Oak Bay
John Cossom
Harnam Grewal
Eric Ballinger

Barry Dennis
Dave Ellis
Gord Fall

Oak Bay
Al Neumair
Vern McBeth
Michael Lum

Lake Hill
Sirish Patel
Albert Baxter
Jack McKane

2010 (last year awarded)
Juan de Fuca
Dave Mathie
Byron Propp
Keith Terlson