With opening day taking place on Saturday May 4th I’d like to remind members to try and avoid parking in front of the neighbours houses close to our main entrance. Members and visitors coming to our club have four main options for parking. In the parking lot off of Eastdowne Road, on Eastdowne Road, on Harlow Drive or in the larger parking lot off Henderson Road. Typically members and visitors use either the parking lot off of Eastdowne Road or on Eastdowne Road. The former and current Mayors have received complaints about parking on Eastdowne Road with suggestions that parking on that street be converted to “residential only”. In an effort to help ease this pressure and keeping in mind that our club always strives to be a good neighbour I’d like to make a request to all of our members and guests. When you know the club will be busy could you please consider parking in the main lot off of Henderson Road. Doing this will help ease tensions in the neighbourhood and reduce issues directed at our club and personnel of the Oak Bay Municipal Hall regarding parking. I’ll send out reminders of this when we expect a large turn out so that these issues might be minimized. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Brent Merchant, President