The Short Mat Game
Anderson House renovation November 2018

Anderson House renovation November 2018

Updated 2019-05-05 to include a diagram of the layout of a short mat rink.

In fall and winter, we switch from the outdoor bowls game to the indoor short mat game with two rinks laid out in Anderson House.

Layout of one half of a short mat rink

Layout of one half of a short mat rink

Indoor short mat bowling is similar to outdoor lawn bowling on the greens, except that it is played on a mat that is one-third of the length of a bowling rink and only six feet wide.

Just like lawn bowling, the game is played with full-sized bowls which are aimed at the jack in an attempt to get as many bowls as you can closer to the jack than those of your opponent. Unlike lawn bowling, these bowls have to negotiate a small wooden block placed in the middle of the mat. If you strike the block, or roll your bowl off the delivery mat, your bowl is “dead” and is removed from the game.

This video shows two experts playing the first four ends of a singles short mat game. It is very unlikely that you will face any opponent in our club who possesses the uncanny accuracy of these two champion players!

For details on how we organize short mat games at our club, please see Short Mat Bowling at Oak Bay.

If you are already familiar with how the games are organized, go directly to Short Mat Online where you will find links to all the information you need to take part in the current short mat session.

(There are a few holdouts among the membership, who refuse to give up the outdoor game when winter sets in.  See below.)

New Year's Day 2017

New Year’s Day 2017
Club training camp for the summer season starts early in the year. 🙂

More details of this first training camp of the year can be found here.