Silver Tray Women’s Scotch Pairs

2017 Silver Tray Women’s Scotch Pairs

Winners (L to R) Joan Firkins, Donna Blackstock, Oak Bay LBC

2nd Place, Kay Alexander, Bobbi Charlton, Oak Bay LBC

3rd Place, Kate Kajewski, Jennifer Gunn, Juan de Fuca LBC

4th Place, June Klausen, Cecilia Wilson, Gordon Head LBC

5th Place, Jill Foster, Josie Tan, Gordon Head LBC

6th Place, Norma Alison, Debra Whitman, Victoria LBC

7th Place, Linda Cowie, Karen Evans, Oak Bay LBC

8th Place, Mary Ann Little, Anne Van Bastelaere, Sidney LBC

9th Place, Kathy Collister, Lee Miller, Canadian Pacific LBC

10th Place, Mary Howarth, Anne Bodley-Scott, Gordon Head LBC    

11th Place, Sandy Kajewski, (missing) Marie Makuch, Juan de Fuca LBC

12th Place, Sue Ennis, Gill Lightbody, Lake Hill LBC    

The Silver Tray Women’s Scotch Pairs tournament was played over two days. Each day teams played 2 x 14 end games. The weather was ideal and the greens played faster than they have for some time, making for some great bowling. Twenty-four teams entered. The effort of dedicated volunteers ensured a successful tournament. These sometimes unheralded support staff worked to prepare the greens, set up rinks, process score cards, staff the kitchen, umpire games, tend the bar, and so forth. Many hands truly did make light work.