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DAY 18: June 19th

Today is tourist sights for us. Bill and Keith (Nova Scotia) are playing in the 60+ singles at Broadbeach club which we will pop by to see after our touring. We are headed south to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary to give Shauna and Alex an up close experience with Australian animals. We weren't a … [Read more...]

DAY 17: June 18th

The Nova Scotia crew left early to have breakfast with koalas at Paradise Country Aussie Farm and tour the farm, they aren't expected back till late this evening. The BC'ers were being in vacation mode and didn't really get mobile till about 9am. With no one in my section of the house I had a … [Read more...]

DAY 16: June 17th

Slow start to the morning as Jaymee is the only one of the team bowling today and that isn't until 11:45 at Broadbeach in the ladies singles knockout, her opponent is from South Africa. Jaymee is playing in the top 128 women out of 300 competitors. The whole Canadian contingency are sporting the … [Read more...]

DAY 15: June 16th

TGIF (thank goodness it's fours)! I am playing second so no major responsibilities are expected of me except to keep score. This is the first time the four of us have played together as a team. With Shauna in Kamloops and Ann Marie in Nova Scotia it was a bit hard to schedule regular practices … [Read more...]

Burgers & Bowls

Our Club's Burgers & Bowls competition was played on Sunday June 18th under conditions best described as Scotch mist. Nevertheless 48 hardy bowlers enjoyed the day with most staying for the burgers, salad, and dessert. Even a few "unemployed bowlers", who had entered the Provincial men's and … [Read more...]

DAY 14: June 15th

Today is Shauna and my international bowling debut, we are decked out in our Angry Beavers shirts and my new confetti coloured bowls are raring to roll towards the kitty. We are playing pairs at Broadbeach Bowls Club. The weather is overcast, breezy with long sunny breaks. These are the first … [Read more...]

Test post

Tournament play at a local BSI club was recently interrupted by the unexpected activation of the club's irrigation system. Water from one corner of the green sprayed outward caused bowlers to quickly leave the green to avoid becoming soaked. In haste one player had the misfortune to fall which … [Read more...]

DAY 13 June 14th

  DAY 13: June 14th Pairs competition for Jaymee and Ann Marie at Musgrave Hill also Alex and John at Coolangatta near the Gold Coast Airport. There are 37 sections in women's pairs with 4 teams to a section. J & AM’s 1st game was plagued with sporadic downpours then sunny … [Read more...]

DAY 12 June 13th

DAY 12: June 13th Alex and John were to play pairs at Burleigh Heads Bowls Club, 15 mins south of us, so I played chauffeur to them and Shauna. Jaymee and Nathaniel were going to meet us later. We arrived at the club about 8:10 and were told there was a delay due to the rain from overnight and … [Read more...]

DAY 11 June 12th

DAY 11 June 12th Monday It is Jaymee's day for singles competition at Paradise Point Bowls Club about 35 mins north of our house. This club is aptly named because it is a lawn bowlers dream come true with 3 outdoor greens and a full size indoor green side by side. The walls of the indoor green … [Read more...]